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Ways to Make a Difference with The Second City Outlaws?


Recruitment – Interested in Dancing?  Come join the team and invite your friends to come perform with us.

Act as an ambassador at different venues to inform people how they can be part of the fun. Be able to talk about the time commitment for practice and performances. Brainstorm locations 


Fundraising – Generate Leads on ideas on Places we can have Fundraisers.  Raffle ticket sales? A portion of the drink sales? Open to opportunities.


Monetary and In-kind Donations - Second City Outlaws is a Non Profit Corporation. Your donations help us fulfill our community organization mission of educating and informing the public about country dancing opportunities. This involves paying for our practice space rent, parade entry fees, marketing materials like hand out cards, volunteer t-shirts, and sound system rental for the parade.


Music and Choreography – Help decide what country songs we will use for the Chicago Pride Parade. The songs should connect with the crowds so they can sing along. In addition, you should have a clear plan for the type of choreography that can be done to the song that will move forward down the parade route. Decide what additional music and routines we want to use for the festival performances.


Apparel –  Eye-catching Apparel that photograph's well and you can be seen from a distance.  Affordable price and availability. When selecting, please consider temperature of performance (summertime) Fit and comfort.